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Send us your cost of attendance amounts and your financial aid rule-sets. From there, we set up a co-branded Net Price Calculator that’s customized for your institution.



We send you a customized Net Price Calculator via private link, then we start running internal tests to ensure all goals and requirements are met. After that, it’s launch time!


Go Live

The Net Price Calculator goes live on your website.
Meadow also features all launched NPCs on its own platform that gives you added exposure.



Access your new Net Price Calculator analytics dashboard to track results in real-time. We’ll also send you regular reports and meet quarterly to give you a digest of insights.

We will work closely with you

Meadow does all the heavy lifting to configure and maintain your calculator.

Information sharing

Cost of attendance figures and financial aid rule-sets to configure your NPC.

Weekly checkins

30min recurring weekly meetings to share updates and address any key questions.

Continuous feedback

Knowledge and expertise communicated throughout to guide product improvements.

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