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We take care of student finances so you can take care of students

Meadow enables students to look beyond the sticker price, allowing financial aid administrators to elevate clarity upfront and enrollment management to boost applications.

The probelm

Cost clarity is more important than ever before

Parents and students zero in on cost when considering colleges, but sticker prices often discourage them from applying. The Meadow Net Price Calculator elevates price transparency for students, and leads to better enrollment outcomes for institutions

Cost is the main source of anxiety, confusion, and frustration for students.

1 in 3 students who never enrolled said it was because they did not believe they could afford it

72% “agree” or “strongly agree” that it is difficult to know what they will need to pay.

75% said they don’t have a good understanding of how to pay for school.

81% of students said cost was “very” or “extremely” important to them when they were deciding where to enroll

Why Meadow

Get an edge over the competition



An NPC that students and families actually use



More user-friendly and reliable than ever before



Estimates benchmarked to IPEDS averages

“I have shopped around NPCs for years and nothing has been appealing until Meadow.”

Jessica Ayres , Director, Financial Aid

Palo Alto University

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