Our Partnership with the College Cost Transparency Initiative

Amy Jenkins
December 7, 2023

Cost is one the biggest factors for students and families when deciding where to go to college.  But far too often, and for far too long, students have limited information about what the cost is - both at the moment of application as well as after admission.  The majority of net price calculators obscure the cost (often showing a much higher amount) and the majority of aid offer letters are too difficult to read, understand, and compare against other offers.

Enter the College Cost Transparency Initiative.

Inspired by the need for all schools to provide information to support better decision making for all students, the CCT started with a small task force of 10 higher education institutions in 2022 and has since then grown to become a movement, with hundreds of institutions committing to communicate with students and families about college costs in a way that is clear, accurate and helpful.

It could not be more timely.  

As we sit here in early December, high school students across the country are making decisions about where to apply, with affordability and ROI a top consideration.  A smaller number are starting to hear back from schools with acceptance letters, followed by letters outlining the aid they will receive and the price they will be expected to pay. And they are trying to make decisions about where to attend with that information in hand.

At Meadow we are thrilled to be the only net price calculator to serve as an official collaborator of the CCT and to already serve many of the schools who have committed to this initiative. Our NPC is student friendly, accurate, and reflects all the applicable standards of the CCT, allowing for ease in comparability when students go from looking at a Net Price Calculator to their aid offer.  It is also available in English and Spanish and calculates both EFC and SAI.

We would love to work with you to promote financial transparency, support students in making informed decisions about college attendance and boost your enrollment outcomes.  Contact us to learn more about our partnerships.

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