Edtech reacquaints itself with fintech

Tech Crunch
February 7, 2023

Amy Jenkins left her post at Outschool, a marketplace for live online classes for kids, when the company decided to focus more on consumers and less on the enterprise — a shift that included numerous rounds of layoffs at the richly backed education unicorn.

Now, Jenkins is the COO of Meadow, a platform that aims to make it easier for college students to pay tuition and for universities to stay compliant with financial transparency requirements. Meadow recently announced that it raised $3.5 million in venture funding — a round that Jenkins said, to her surprise, came together pretty quickly over six weeks. Plus, the round was three times the size of the founding team’s original target.

Part of the startup’s win may have been in the framing of its vision beyond traditional edtech.

“I think a lot of our investors would look at us as an edtech company that is in the higher education space, and that there’s an incredible opportunity there to think about,” Jenkins said. “When students are entering college, they’re really at the beginning of their financial life. And we can support them and prepare them from the beginning.” The company’s early products help students better calculate the cost of attending college, balancing different factors like housing and financial aid.,,

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