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Eliminate sticker shock. Enroll more students.

Meadow Price is the only net price calculator that is designed to be both accurate and student-friendly because we know that when more students see your net price, more students apply to your institution.

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The world’s leading higher education institutions trust Meadow

“I’ve been behind the scenes with multiple net price calculators and this one is by far the best…it was a no-brainer for us.”

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Michelle Rhodes, AVP, Financial Aid

Grand Valley State University

"Students have a consumer mindset...they want to know what is the bottom line price they will have to pay. Without Meadow, students had no way of getting that information unless they were willing to engage with us directly."

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Christy Miller, Executive Director of Financial Aid

Wayland Baptist University

"After just a couple of months of use, and no aggressive marketing of the tool, we have hundreds of students who have logged in. Using the analytics dashboard, we are able to see the states they are coming from, what stage of the application cycle they are in, and much more."

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Anthony Morrone, Director of Financial Aid

Nevada State College

Get started in weeks, no IT necessary.

Step 1: Configure

You send us your cost of attendance figures and financial aid rule-sets. Meadow configures your custom Net Price Calculator.

Step 2: Test

You test the net price calculator before it goes live. Meadow incorporates any revisions to ensure accuracy and exceed your expectations.

Step 3: Launch

Go live on your website and start tracking results from your dashboard. Meadow equips you with a marketing toolkit that drives traffic from day 1.

Case Study

Transforming the Student Financial Experience at Wayland Baptist University: A Partnership for Success

Since launching Meadow, we see quicker action from students when payment reminders go out. I feel like I really have a partner that’s walking out the process with me.

Lezlie Hukill


Case Study

Northern Arizona University: Using transparency to open doors [an anniversary update]

“Meadow allows us to show our packaging methodology in a way that is clear and to the point. It also allows us to share with our students many of the other scholarship/grant opportunities that are available to them.”

Caleb Williams

Director, Enrollment Management

Case Study

Why Meadow Won Grand Valley State's Vendor Due Diligence

“I’ve been behind the scenes with multiple net price calculators and this one is by far the best…it was a no-brainer for us.”

Michelle Rhodes

AVP, Financial Aid

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