3 Trends for Increasing Transparency & Enrollment

January 19, 2022


Even though tuition prices have been steadily rising for decades, the pandemic—coupled with the rise of alternative career pathways—has brought the cost of higher education to the top of mind and many are rethinking the decision to enroll.

  • 81% of survey respondents say that ‘cost’ is “very” or “extremely”  important to them when deciding to enroll
  • 72% of them “agree” or “strongly agree” that it is difficult to know what they will actually need to pay

As we discovered in our 2022 Student Financial Experience Study, having transparent pricing and a clear communication of costs is as important as the affordability of the cost itself. In 2022, these factors can have a profound impact on student enrollment, success and payment outcomes.

Download our guide on the renewed importance of the Net Price Calculator and how your institution can leverage it to drive recruitment.

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