Ready for NASFAA 2023: Amazing Session about How to Get Better Outcomes

Amy Jenkins
June 22, 2023

As financial aid leaders eagerly prepare for the highly anticipated NASFAA 2023 Conference at the end of June, there's an unmistakable buzz surrounding the event. And we are buzzing too!  We can’t wait to meet up with everyone in San Diego and to have the opportunity to highlight three amazing leaders who are at the forefront of figuring out how to increase financial transparency for students and families.

Our session is July 1st and you don’t want to miss it.  "Application to Graduation: How Better Communications Leads to Better Outcomes" promises to be an engaging session with valuable insights, real takeaways and thought-provoking discussions.  If (as the moderator) I do say so myself!

Joining Amy Jenkins on the panel are three terrific presenters, Christy Miller from Wayland Baptist University, Sarah Everritt from Gonzaga, and Natalie Crane from Aquinas. These experienced leaders will bring their expertise to the table, fostering an interactive and dynamic dialogue on crucial topics that affect the financial aid landscape.

During the panel session, participants can expect to learn a lot from the panelists…as well as from each other. Some of the key topics to be explored include:

  1. What do you wish all students and families knew about financial aid?
  2. What are you doing at your current school (or have you done recently) to better support students in understanding what they will likely pay to attend / understand their financial aid package?
  3. What are you thinking about doing differently (if anything) this Fall with the delayed FAFSA and new questions?
  4. And more!

But this isn’t intended to be just a panel.  We have also set aside time for you to problem solve issues together.  We hope the session inspires financial aid leaders to reflect on their practices and consider innovative approaches to improve enrollment outcomes through greater financial transparency and better communications.

Can’t make the session? We get it - there are a lot to choose from.  You can also visit us at Booth 425 to learn more about our modern net price calculator and how it improves the student financial experience from the moment of application.  And if you email in advance I can even show you what your NPC would look like in our hands.

See you in San Diego!

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