The New FAFSA: Which Students Benefit Most?

Amy Jenkins
March 24, 2023

The FAFSA Simplification Act goes into full effect with the 2024-25 Award year and across the country Directors of Financial Aid are working to get ready for it.  On balance, this act will open up access to college for more students, with more federal funding available and more students eligible to receive it. But digging deeper, which students and families are the winners (get more money) and losers (get less) when we move from EFC to SAI?  And what should universities be thinking about now to get ready for this shift?

This Guide to SAI will cover:

  • Which students stand to benefit most from the change from EFC to SAI and which students will be negatively impacted
  • The impact of FAFSA simplification on financial aid offices
  • The size of the impact of changes to SAI

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